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WARNING: Take note of the following Terms before submitting any withdrawal request.
  1. Avoid making withdrawal twice and make sure you've earned a minimum of NGN 2000 plus NGN 400 bank transfer charges making it (NGN 2400) when you make any withdrawal request. Else, your withdrawal request will be declined without getting paid.
  2. Make sure you have a minimum of 300 facebook friends and should be public in order for us to verify your friends list on payout day.
  3. Make sure your profile has a valid bank account details and also your facebook profile name, Bank account name and legitNaira full name corresponds with each other at least 90% before submitting any withdrawal request.
  4. LegitNaira will not be held rsponsible for a loss of fund due to invalid bank details. your earnings might be deducted before payment.
  5. We make Payment in multiple of 1000 from your LegitNaira Earnings and Referral bonus you submitted in the withdrawal form.
  6. When you submit any withdrawal request below 10,000, your account will automatically be Deactivated until you Reactivate your Account again with N1500.
  7. if Account is deactivated and fails to Reactivate within 5days all Earnings and Referral bonuses will be loss and Account will No longer be in existence until you register a new account.
  8. Before Submitting a withdrawal Request above 10,000 make sure you've earned NGN 900 bank transfer charges making it (NGN 10900). Else, your account will be Deactivated.
  9. Testimony is now compulsory for all members, when you’ve received your payment, you must testify in our Telegram group or in your Facebook timeline (Screenshot of alert)…
  10. Ensure your selected amount does not exceed your current Earnings or Referral Bonus while making a withdrawal request, else your request might be declined. Follow the exact sample in the box!
  11. When we Check your Profile to verify our Sponsored post and we find any sponsored post not properly posted or Some Days where missing or Invalid bank details. We might Decline your withdrawal request and a NGN1000 fine will be deducted. A notification to correct your Mistakes will be sent via your Account Dashboard!
  12. While we’re processing your withdrawal request, you must continue to update your Facebook timeline with our latest sponsored post, else your withdrawal request might be declined.

by continuing you agree to our withdrawal Terms, click the button below to accept this terms and continue