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LAMFORUM to be launched February 29th 2020.


MOVING TO THE FINAL PHASE. As at the time of broadcasting this message, LamForum administrative wants to gladly inform y'all that the site user structures has been completed, which means in general lamforum website is 74% completed you may wish to verify via our official web address at https://lamforum.com the next phase is the final phase, to be completed before the commencement of general activities. COMMENCEMENT OF GENERAL ACTIVITIES. Since we are yet to complete the final phase of Lamforum system. The Launch and commencement of lamforum general activities is officially on 29th February 2020, what this implies is that on the 29th of this month LamForum Income page will automatically be enabled. This resolution was made in consideration of key certain areas. Since we have stated clearly that our website structures (final phase) is yet to be completed. Secondly the public have been anticipating for the commencement of general activities without proper preparations, this was brought to our attention that for a sustainable income website to kick start it general activities the public must be informed the date for the commencement of its activities and at least should be few weeks before the launching of the program in order to prepare well maybe financially or as a salary earner, this must surely be in your favor to use that little part of your monthly salary to double your hustle and earn passively with us. With all this diligent considerations lamforum administratives make sure we start on a good note. At least now members may commence saving their registration membership fee for those who have no knowledge or ideas about the commencement of the program. Sometimes the fastest way isn't always the best way, Sometimes the best things in life take a while. Now let the Count down Begin!.. In conclusion, this is just another opportunity for a smart earner to leverage on. 29th February is already around the corner. A little tip to earn smartly is to create your Whatsapp group and invite alot of your friends, give them presentation from time to time on how the platform works, remove members that spam your group and create your booking list you may earn big by referring just your friends. Vision 2020 is your time to shine. #lambroadcast

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What about legit it continue or not


What about our earnings on LegitNaira? Should we still think about them?


What about my earnings from Legit Naira What about it? It's param


pls sir what happen to all my Earns on legitnaira.com pls tell if I will pay again or ill continue